IRRITATION (Wageningen, NL): annoying by name, annoying by reputation. Their style can be described as up-tempo hysterical thrash metal, which they have branded as hyperthrash. Catchy riffs, brutal percussion and non-stop waves of violent vocals, perfectly in balance with a touch of humor. IRRITATION delivers exactly as promised.

Originally started in 2003 as a punk-gone-death-metal band, their music quickly evolved into a faster and thrashier sound. After the release of their demo 'WHEN THE SHIT HITS THE FAN' and a couple of successful live performances, the band disappeared as quickly as they emerged. Only to come back in your face 8 years later with their brand new release 'TASTE THE FLOOR'.

IRRITATION are currently writing songs for their first full length album, with Bram Peters on the lead vocal.

current line-up
CW de Boer - Bass
Bram Peters - Guitars/Lead Vocals
Frank Ruisch - Drums/Programming
Davy Schroeder - Guitars

2008: When The Shit Hits The Fan
2015: Taste The Floor

upcoming shows

No shows planned. Contact us if you are interested.

past shows

03/12/2016 Willemeen, Arnhem
27/04/2016 Krakend Ei - 2016, Muziekpodium Stedsj, Barneveld
09/04/2016 DVE Presents: Brutal Mum, Cafe Daniels, Wageningen
26/03/2016 Brigant Roest, Brigant, Arnhem
19/03/2016 Podium Gorcum, Gorinchem
12/03/2016 Metal Battle Veldslag Oost, Estrado, Harderwijk
23/02/2016 Kabaal Regionaal 2016, Cafe Loburg, Wageningen
30/01/2016 Metal Battle voorronde Gelderland, Estrado, Harderwijk
14/11/2015 Stage Noordveen: The Live Recording Session, Zutphen
27/08/2015 Rock'in Parkweg 2015, Parkweg, Ede
14/05/2015 Hemelvaart Metalfest, Cafe 545, Ede
06/06/2008 Wagban Festival, Unitas, Wageningen
05/05/2008 Kabaal am Gemaal 2008, Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen
01/03/2008 Kabaal Regionaal, Unitas, Wageningen
14/09/2007 Herrie met Harries, De Peppel, Zeist
16/06/2007 Pazzop, Bladel
04/06/2006 Rockefeller, Wageningen

taste the floor EP


"They are balls to the wall and brutal. With some great technical hooks and awesome gut busting bass lines this band certainly know how to kick ass!"
(Razor Metal Reviews)

"The track Justified certainly justifies this band being put up on the throne with other great thrash and speed metal bands from the days of yore and those who still practice the craft."
(The Metal Review)

"This EP is an absolute must for any fan of the fast metal and is an essential for those looking for up and coming thrash metal bands."
(Head Banger Reviews)

"Heel vaak betrap ik mezelf op headbangen en het onweerstaanbare gevoel om een pit te starten. Zoals ik al eerder zei, dit is thrashmetal zoals het moet zijn: hevig, snel, agressief en nazinderend in je hoofd."

"Ik heb genoten van de rit in deze achtbaan en kijk vol verwachting uit naar het album. De release is aangekondigd voor de herfst van dit jaar. Irritation zal ook weer de podia betreden, dus ook wat dat betreft iets om naar uit te kijken. Hyperthrash, I love it!"

""[..] They have a lot to offer and I can see them going far beyond their respected homeland."
(The Metal Review)

"De muziek is vooral snel, agressief, en binnen die context meeslepend, of beter gezegd opzwepend. Wie hier stil bij kan blijven zitten heeft volgens mij geen metalen hart"

"This short EP is a must if you like your music fast and furious. Go see them live if you like to smash into others on the pit cause this will make you spastic."
(Metal Temple)

"Thrash with Death vocals similar to later Pantera"
(Metal Crypt)

"Irritation is wat mij betreft een belofte voor de toekomst. Ik vind de door hun toegepaste techniek zeer origineel en toekomstbestendig. Het getuigt echt van visie"
(Noord Geldersch Metaal)